The Rowan

Book Title

The Rowan


Anne McCaffrey


Putnam Adult/1990


Science Fiction

Stand alone or Series

Series, The Tower and Hive #1

Short Synopsis (Back cover)

Trapped under tons of mud following a huge mud slide, a three-year-old girl screams out telepathically for help. Every resource on her planet is used in her rescue mission, for she is no ordinary girl, but a Prime, and possessor of one of the most powerful minds in the Nine Star League.


Sex & Nudity

There are some vaguely worded scenes that are almost fade-to-black. Descriptive words are used like "erotic" and "sensual".


Some made up words and phrases that are meant to be the profanity of the time.


Some mention of drinking spirits.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Not really

Your Rating and Thoughts (Anyone can add their own)

I actually didn't finish this book because of the sexual scenes. They were a bit too descriptive and visual for me. Subsequently, I will not be reading the rest of the series, either.

Other than those, I thought the book was pretty well done and enjoyable.

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